Is there any scientific evidence to the 2012 hype or is it just backed by religious prophesies and interpretations of ancient texts?



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    There is a lot of hype surrounding the prophecy that 2012 is the end of the world. Do you recall the Y2K craze that stormed the media? In my opinion I’d treat the 2012 prophecy in the same fashion as Y2K. I wouldn’t be qutting my job or doing anything daring just because you think the world will end. Apparently, the world was supposed to end a while ago according to other prophecies. Alas, we are still here. I say take this information with a  grain of salt and use your own judgement.

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    I would say its all hype. Exactly what you said in your question. There is no evidence that the world is going to end during that time. I don’t think it will end for many years, but I think the human race will end much earlier than the world. Don’t go building a bunker anytime soon. 

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    I think it is the equivqalent of an old wives tale.  People seem to need to know what is inthe future,  I would just like to wait and see, as I believe it is not predictable.  These stories have been around for ages, and so far, none has been true.

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    I forget the specifics of the archaeological interpretation of the Mayan calendar, however, doomsday prophecies aren’t new by any means and this one is little different from its predecessors.

    What we can be thankful for is the doomsday prophecies are 0 for several hundred so feel free to make plans for New Year’s Eve 2012.

    That said, doomsday prophecies are really just rhetorical devices. The fastest approaching one is actually for May of this year. These prophecies have a basic formula: A golden past, a fall from grace, a wretched present and the return of the golden age. The rhetorical formula is acutally used in many situations outside of prophecy, but almost every doomsday prophecy is predicated on this.

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    The reason some believe the “prophecy” to be real – whatever that may entail in people’s minds – is because the ancient Maya had a very accurate calendar system and were able to to predict solar eclipses and planetary phases far into the future with amazing precision. However, the predictions for 2012 don’t include an end times prophecy, in reality. That’s a misunderstanding. In the Mayan calendar, there were several great eras. After one “pictun” which is about 7885 years, a new era begins (much like how the “Birth of Christ” initiated a new era in the Christian west). The present era began in 3114 BC, and therefore it will end in 2012, probably between December 21 and 23, according to some estimates. There is no reason why the beginning of a new calendrical era – whatever that may mean – should signify the end of the world.

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