Is there any reason why all cars can’t be hybrids?



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    Hopefully, all cars will eventually run entirely without gasoline, on a more efficient and eco-friendly source of power. Hybrids are a good transitional phase, but they are still too expensive for many people to afford: the initial cost of a hybrid is usually about $5,000 dollars more than its gas-powered equivalent, and Toyota’s Prius is the only one that will save you some money over a five-year period. In addition, most people won’t buy a new car until there’s something wrong with their old one, so the change-over period may take some time, and some people are certinly holding out until the technology for a practical electric car comes along.

    Some day, most cars will probably be hybrid or run on some other fuel-efficient technology, other than the antiques people will keep for their beauty and value.

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    In additional the car and energy (including gasoline) lobbies are incredibly strong and influential in the United States. The technology is certainly there, but it would be detrimental to certain special interest groups and therefore probably will not happen any time soon. This is known as planned obscelence, or purposefully making readiy avaliable technology unattainable (or in this case just more expensive).

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