Is there any reason we can’t only use reclaimed water to water our landscaping?



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    Residential water use studies show that more than 50 percent of residential water use in Florida is for watering lawns and landscapes. Using reclaimed water clearly offers a proven method for helping conserve our drinking water supplies. There is absolutely no reason one can’t solely use reclaimed water for irrigation. It’s a matter of choice!

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    The best way to make the use of reclaimed water possible for our landscapes’ needs is to reduce the amount of water needed by choosing drought resistant, native plants to use. This allows for the naturally occurring amount of rainfall to fulfill the landscape’s need for water. This method of landscaping is growing in popularity and commonly referred to as xeriscaping. This reduced need for water, then, makes overcoming the challenges of using reclaimed water much easier. Before using reclaimed water for irrigation, though, it is essential to understand what the composition of the water is so it is not doing more harm than good in its application (in case, for example, the salinity level is too high and results in root zone damage).

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