Is there any reason to use copper in our house over other metals?



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    Home copper use, pros, cons, & considerations:

    -Copper is lovely to look at and a nice complement to most decors, particularly modern contemporary, traditional and country. Besides plain sheet, it is available in many textures and finishes.
    -Unsealed, it provides an antimicrobial surface 30 times more effective than stainless steel.
    -Unsealed, it provides a “living” surface that will change colors over time, depending on what it comes in contact with — most often, it will go to shades of brown.
    -Sealed or regularly polished, it will remain a shiny salmon color. If sealed (lacquer or other), it will like require periodic resealing to maintain its look.
    -If you’re installing it yourself, it is malleable and easy to work with.
    -Must be installed flat on a solid substrate such as 3/4-inch plywood.
    -Typical installation is with adhesives.
    -If used, fasteners should be copper, brass or bronze.
    -Copper sheet is sold by ounces per square foot. 16 oz or 20 oz copper should work fine (you can go heavier). I’ve seen conference tables made from 48 oz copper that requires no substrate.
    -Seams or miters are easily soldered (and may be tinted to match surface), ensuring no leaks or cracks.
    -Seams or miters may be welded and polished providing completely seamless appearance and performance.
    -Copper is a relatively soft metal, so it is susceptible to denting, scratching and slicing. Sealing will reduce susceptibility to scratching. Proper mounting to substrate will reduce susceptibility to denting.
    -Many people like these features because, over time, it produces an attractive, distressed look.

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