Is there any reason that a company that is based on the internet can’t be 100 percent telecommute?



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    Well, I’m no businessman, but I can think of a few reasons.

    1) When interacting with other companies, and even customers, you seem much more legitimate and professional if you have some type of brick and mortar office.

    2) It helps create more of a feel of teamwork among the employees. 10 people separately working from home computers have little chance to build friendships with eachother. In addition, working together with someone would no longer be something spontaneous, but it would have to be extensively planned out.

    3) If you have to have a meeting of some sort, an actual office where people are sitting looking at you helps ensure that everyone’s actually paying attention. If you just have emails or meetings through video chats, people can pretty much be doing anything.

    4) Being in an actual place of work helps ensure productivity and less distraction. Offices are meant to be places where you can concentrate. There are no children playing, or dogs begging to be pet or walked. There’s not a tv that you can turn on. It improves focus and quality of work.

    These are just a few of my own basic ideas. Of course there are definitely advantages to telecommuting for companies as well, which is why they usually use a mixture of both real offices and telecommuting. I’m engaged in a telecommuting internship with Green Answers at this very moment! It’s greener because you don’t have to travel anywhere, and the company doesn’t have to find space for me to actually have an office. So, there are pros and cons to telecommuting.

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