Is there any link between racial diversity and environmentalism?



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    One theory that links racial diversity with environmentalism has to do with the Kuznets Curve. According to the environmental model of the curve, environmental awareness increases over time as income rises, then after a certain average income is attained, environmental awareness begins to decrease. Visually, this should look like a bell curve, with low income per capita on the left of the x axis and high income per capita on the right. In the United States, there is a high correlation between race and income. One theory as to why this happens states that in early stages of development, people with lower income care more about accruing physical captial, and not as much for factors of social capital such as the environment. As income increases, there is a higher social consciousness and awareness for these factors. Inequality also slows growth by lowering education standards because poor people lack finance for their education in imperfect credit markets.

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    You can definitely find parallels between the two.  There is a lot of diversity in the environment, but the best similarity is to say that through acceptance and understanding, of different races and about the environment, a commonplace is shared of progression and preservation.  Preserving culture and accentuating the good things it has to offer, ,likewise with nature.

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