is there any hope that the usa will recover from our financial problem



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    The USA could start, collectively, by asking exactly what problems it is in.

    The USA has been the most powerful country on Earth for 65 years — and it is the most powerful country that ever existed in human history. That’s not exactly “a problem”.

    Presumably GreenAnswers readers here are alerted to the ecological problems the success of the USA (and the Western world) have caused. Species are going extinct. There’s a collosal island of floating garbage in the Pacific. Global Warming will impoverish billions … billions … of people in the next 30 years, if it’s not fixed.

    So we need to be very careful asking what “financial” problems the USA has, because many of its problems are not financial so much as ecological. The one can’t avoid being affected by the other.

    If we’re simply talking about jobs, or the national debt … those could be solved if the USA just wanted to ignore environmental concerns and cut overseas military to zero.

    The first thing in the process is to start recognizing that “finance”, as such, for many people in the USA, is not the top priority. The unemployment rate is just something that’s easy to assign a number to. Most people are at least somewhat concerned with species extinction, and yet we don’t get weekly CNN updates on whether that rate has increased or decreased lately.

    For the USA to solve finance problems, it needs to solve other problems, simultaneously. 

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