Is there any hope for the green party in the next election?



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    It depends on how you define “hope”.  Our current two-party system puts a complete monopoly on elections, and therefore, expression of power.  In municipal elections or, perhaps even a stray senatorial race, a Green Party member might stand a chance.  But the campaigns need money, and the Green Party doesn’t have enough.

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    Maybe this will you give you hope.  The Green Party currently has 143 Officeholders in the United States.  Considering it was only formed 9 years ago, that’s pretty exciting!  I do agree with the statement above, and if we want a Green Party member to become the next President of the United States we as environmentalists are going to have to shell out some cash!  Unfortunately the current political system we work under is mainly influenced by money.  If we can stand behind a Green Party member we can change this country from the bipartisan politics we have now.  It is up to those who support the party to help them fund campaigns.  Let us not forget that politics can drastically change, I mean the Democrats and Republicans used to be one party!

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    True, money for campaigning is a large issue for a Green Party nomination and win, but a more pressing issue for any third party is the current electoral college system the United States uses to elect the president. Without getting into the heavy details (check out this website at the bottom if you’re interested), the current system in fact encourages a two-party system, and would never let any third party, no matter public opinion, win the nomination. In the 1992 elections, Ross Perot ran as a third-party candidate and had picked up some steam with his ideas, but ultimately lost the electoral college vote. He had decent support in many states, but not enough to completely win a state vote, which is needed for the big win. Unless the rules by which a candidate wins in the electoral college is changed, the likelihood of a Green Party win is slim at best.

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