Is there any green hair salons?



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    Aveda is a company that is really committed to the environment and social responsibility. They produce green hair care, skin care, and other personal care products. They also have Aveda concept salons all over the country. The website is below to find a salon near you.

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    There are many salons who are committed to using energy wisely, integrating organic and environmentally friendly products into their hair care retail, as well as disposing of waste responsibly. Thus, check in your area to see if there are any eco friendly salons and call them to see if they do indeed do what they advertise in their salons to remain an ecofriendly salon.

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    Hair salons have always been deemed one of the most wasteful types of business due to their use of environmentally un-friendly products (think hair spray in aerosol cans) and consumption of excessive chemicals (think what it takes to make Lady Gaga’s hair that color) but new salon owners are taking matters into their own hands and changing that trend.  Now the stores are made out of recycled materials, they run give-back programs so that customers can receive kickbacks if they donate their old beauty tools to a donation program, and stylists use low energy hair dryers and all natural products.  

    Check out:

    Hush Hush Bang Bang :  Costa Mesa, CA

    Sprout, An Organic Salon : Baltimore, MD

    Verde : Collingsworth, NJ 



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