Is there any furniture companies that only use sustainable materials?



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    Great Question!

    I found that there are several companies that use this practice in at least a few lines, I put that in the URL line. ALSO there is a company in Seattle WA. Very interesting story they tell David Smith & CO

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    Yes, the need for more truly environmentally friendly furniture companies has become apparent especially because many organizations throw around words like ‘green’, ‘sustainable’, and ‘eco-friendly’ when marketing their products but most of these words do not have any strict guidelines that companies must follow behind the scenes in order to use that terminology.  

    Although it was difficult to find a company that ONLY usues sustainable materials, many companies have made the effort to dedicate at least one of their product lines to being completely sustainable.  See below for a list of green friendly companies:

    1. Cisco Brothers (InsideGreen collection):
    2. Furnature:
    3. Lee Industries (NaturalLEE collection):
    4. Q Collection:
    5. Vivavi:
    6. Jensen Lesiure:
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