Is there any fertilizers that are good for the soil?



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    Yes! If you are looking for fertilizer for your garden at home there are a ton of options. If you are trying to start a farm then it’s probably going to be much more expensive than regular fertilizer.

    A internet search will produce hundreds of companies that are selling organic fertilizer. Another option is to do a little research on what type of soil you have and what the recommended soil PH level is for your plants. It may be that you don’t even need fertilizer if your soil matches what it needs to be for your plants.

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    The ones that are bad for the soil are a synthetic source of nutrients — that is, chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers actually end up damaging the soil with their higher salt contents, so use organic fertilizers instead.

    Compost is an excellent addition to your soil and is free (granted that you have garden or food waste!)

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    Liquid fish emulsion is excellent for soil health. It is a fertilizing agent that helps boost the activity of beneficial microbes. It can be purchased at the link below:

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