Is there any evidence that BP was burning turtles alive?



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    There is an eye-witness account from Captain Mike Ellis. Ellis was making attempts to rescue sea turtles in the wake of the BP Gulf oil spill and states, “They drag a boom between two shrimp boats, and whatever gets caught between the two boats, they circle it up and catch it on fire. Once the turtles are in there, they can’t get out”

    BP was sued in federal court by the Animal Welfare Institute. BP was accused of violating the endangered species act. Most of the turtles spotted by the afore mentioned Ellis were Kemps Ridley Turtles, a critically endangered species.

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    Yes, there were several eyewitness accounts such as the one by Captain Mike Ellis and it was even confirmed by the Obama administration. The sea turtles and other marine life were corraled into 500 square mile burn fields and burnt alive. BP not only burnt the turtles but blocked access to workers who wanted to save them. 

    Video of Captain Mike Ellis discussing the spill and the turtles:

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