Is there any environmental protest that happens every year?



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    Good question, Melissa.  I was unable to find any annual protests, but there are plenty of annual events in the name of environmentalism.  I think this is because of the nature of a protest.  Protests seem to be more geared towards individual issues that can change over time, whereas events can be more general, like World Environment Day, that promotes awareness year after year.

    Hope this helps!

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    There is an annual environmental protest in London that has been going on for four years now called Camp Climate. The last protest was in August 2009. There are plenty of annual environmental events that are not protests, but are promoting environmental issues. Some are Earth Day, World Water Day, Whole Earth Festival in Davis, CA, Environmental Engineering Conference, Environmental Fair Trade Conference, and Environmental Film Festival.

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    One form that most people don’t even consider protesting really is Earth Day.  Celebrate Earth day at a local venue.  Usually parks will hold “no drive days” or “eat sustainable days” or things like that on Earth Day.  Check out whats going on in your local area. 

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