Is there any correlation between people who have more respect for others and people who have more respect for the environment?



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    Well, people who have more respect for others tend to not be ignorant nasty people. Therefore, they tend to be able to take into account how important respect for the environment is and why. So, there’s no real scientific correlation; it’s just the case that people with more respect for others tend to be more intelligent and empathetic to other’s life situations. 

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    A recent study at the University of Toronto concluded that people who act eco friendly have a higher inclination to act subversive in other ares of their life. That is, those who eat organic, avoid meat, and do other conscious acts of environmentalism are more liker to lie, cheat, or steal in other areas.  The concept is called moral licensing, where a bad act is rationalized by a good one, or conversely a good act allows for a bad one.

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    Both have a sense of selflessness in thinking of others beyond themselves.  Both also exhibit empathy.

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