Is there any company recycling used billboard Vinyl materials ?

In my country, the waste management companies throw all these used billboard advertisements at landfills. Is there a company interested in these materials so I can export it to them?



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    Uncommon Goods carries bags made from billboards from designer Nicola Freegard.  Here is their contact information:  Contact us at 888-365-0056 or

    Also, Green with Envy specializes in using billboards for some of their products.  Here is their CONTACT US page.  

    Best of Luck!

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    I know of an artist around LA who makes art out of old billboard materials 

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    i buy used billboard vinyl from many company in nigeria and also from abroad.i will be glad if you can export to me and guarantee a steady supply.

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    A MN company makes tote bags from billboards.

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    Burro Bags is a company out of Jacksonville, FL that repurposes retired billboard and vinyl signage into a variety of products including messenger bags, tote bags, wallets and more. We have worked with several companies to turn their old outdoor advertising into promotional tote bags and are always looking for new clients!

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