Is there any advantage to having different types of solar panels on the same roof?



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    One of the only advantages would be cost.  The two most common types of panels used on homes are mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline.  Mono-crystalline are the most efficient type on the market, but they are also the most expensive.  Poly-crystalline is still effective, but a tad less efficient and less costly.  By combining these two on one roof, you could save money by not purchasing all mono-crystalline, yet still improve efficiency rather than buying all poly-crystalline.

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    Konarka Technologies has developed new technology on solar cells, called the Power Plastic solar cell technology that generates power from a wider spectrum of light than just sunlight.  This type of solar cell would be beneficial in being able to draw energy from other light sources such as outdoor lamps, streetlights, etc on a cloudy day.

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