Is there another name for an environmentalist?



  1. 0 Votes gives a few synonyms for the word environmentalist. These include ecologist, conservationist, preservationist, and green. Although these are close to the definition of environmentalist, none of them are exact. For instance, a person who is green could simply be environmentally friendly rather than an environmentalist. However, there are no exact synonyms for any words, so these are about a close as other words and their synonyms.

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    I tend to call people GRANOLA HEADS (ha ha ha). While this doesn’t exclusively mean an “environmentalist,” most granola heads happen to be environmentalists. Not necessarily the other way around…but usually environmentalists are granola heads.
    Its sort of a diminutive term for the type of modern, health/eco-conscious hipster who generally gravitate toward the west coast (but you can find granola heads everywhere).

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