There Is Another method for handling solid waste management, without incineration or landfill? which countries use it?



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    Well another method that you didn’t mention but is very popular is Recycling. Recycling was developed to be another way of doing SOMETHING with the large amounts of solid waste that we create.

    Other ways countries have gotten rid of there solid waste is to dump it into the ocean. A barge sent out into the middle of the pacific and the cargo thrown off the side, but that is now banned in the United States. In addition some countries sell solid waste to others. It’s a way for the developing to make money from the developed.

    Another way that the individual has handled particular solid waste is composting which has really gotten a lot of attention in the green communities as of late.

    Otherwise, you already have an almost complete comprehensive list of our solid waste practices as of late but our techniques have improved. We set locations, build, and maintain landfills much better than we did a few decades ago and our incinerators have gotten better by producing less byproduct at the end of incineration.

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