Is there an annual eclipse?



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    There are two types of eclipses, both of which occur more than once a year. 

    A solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the earth and the Sun, and is best observed from a single area on the earth where its shadow falls; the Sun is much bigger than the moon, so it casts a relatively small shadow on the earth, which is of course larger than the moon as well.  Solar eclipses take place at least twice, but no more than five times every year.

    A lunar eclipse is when the moon passes partially or fully through the earth’s shadow.  Because of the refractive properties of the earth’s atmosphere, the moon often appears red during a lunar eclipse.  Between two and four lunar eclipses happen every year; we don’t see a lunar eclipse for every cycle of the moon because its orbit is tilted slightly relative to the earth, so most times it misses the earth’s shadow as it revolves around.

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    Good question kline76.  As whitefish pointed out, there are multiple eclipses that happen each year.  As far as you being able to see them, however, there won’t be an eclipse on any specific date each year.  Eclipses will happen at different times throughout the year and are visible only form certain places on the earth.

    Hope this helps!

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    We do have two types of eclipses (solar and lunar) that can be observed from Earth, but they do not happen on an annual schedule per se. Though the Earth may witness these eclipses more than one a year, things like time, date, and location can always differ from eclipse to eclipse. Astronomers and scientists have been able to predict eclipses fairly well in modern times with exact mathematical calculations, but the eclipses rarely ever happen in the same spot on the same date every year.

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