is there an alernative to grass?

i have pets and the grass looks patchy and worn is there anything i can replace it with that the pets wont mess and that doesnt need mowing but will also look nice and lush



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    One option is xeriscaping. This includes multiple ways to address your problem, depending on the type of area in which you live. One way to use this method is to use a combination of mulches, shrubs, and ground covers.

    Artificial grass is another option that should work. There wouldn’t be any grass to dig up if your pets were to play on that surface. However, it would still maintain the appearance of grass.

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    There are many drought-tolerant and tread-able plants that can be used in place of grass, including aguja, pussytoes, and Green-carpet herniaria. Clover also works well. Choose plants that do well in your environment. Ideally you won’t have to waste much water or work maintaining these plants.


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    I’d personally go with a ground cover plant, which is a creeping vine or shrub-like plant that stays low to the ground, but provides thick, lush coverage. You can get all green ground cover, or one that has flowers, like creeping flox (below). Aceana blue haze New Zealand bur is a gorgeous, durable, no-mow ground cover that doesn’t have flowers (bottom). I would highly recommend this awesome site called to help you choose great foliage to plant in your yard.


    Aceana Blue Haze New Zealand Bur

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