Is there an adopt a panda program?



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    There are a couple “Adopt-A-Panda” programs out there. One of the more popular programs is administered by the World Wildlife Fund. Adoption kits range from $25 dollars (which includes an adoption certificate, species info card, and photo) to $250 dollars (the “family adoption” kit includes plush toys, framed certificate and photo, and gift box). Aside from pandas, the WWF has adoption kits for over 100 other species. Of every dollar spent or donated, 83 cents goes towards conservation (the remaining funds are used for general support). More info in the link below.

    The Family Adoption plush toys:

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    At the Smithsonian National Zoological Park you can adopt a Giant Panda to help support conservation efforts to help preserve this species. If you pay $65, you’ll get a plush toy panda, a letter of appreciation and certificate, a photo of a panda, and a panda fact sheet. Click on the link below for more information.

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