Temperatures in Georgia are high for the season; are other areas experiencing the same weird weather?

My area (Atlanta, Georgia) has been experiencing highs in the mid- to high-60’s for a few weeks, and they haven’t consistently dropped to the cold levels that I would expect during this time of year. How does this compare to GA’s other yearly averages, and are other parts of the country having the same strange weather?



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    Oh yes. I’m in New Jersey and it’s so warm the Stink bugs are out flying around. It’s in the 40″s and 50″s and VERY rainy. We had a freak Noreaster this October and 1 day of snow this winter.  Scary.

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      It was the same here; the end of October was very cold, and then we were getting highs in the 50s and 60s. What’s really scary is that trees and flowers are starting to bud already. The dogwoods and azaleas have started, which doesn’t usually happen until at least the beginning of April. All anyone can say is that the weather has been great. It’s terrifying that they can think spring in December/January is great.

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      I could drive myself crazy thinking about how some people react to this weather. To help me understand why humans are so slow to react I had to look up the types of denial humans face in Psychology writings.I know this is wikipedia but it is something..http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial
      We live in such a light, happy, positive politically correct 1st world country that being “Debbie Downer” is not acceptable. So, we all have opinions but out of being polite deny our true emotions. Doing something “different” is very uncomfortable for most people. Also, where do you live in Georgia? My girlfriend in KY( the South) sees the bad weather and says” It’s because it’s the End of Days and Jesus is coming to Save us!” So people like her rationalize their denial with religion.

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      Well there’s no doubt that there are people here that would say similar things. My answer to that is, while I’m no where Christian, at least the can acknowledge that something’s up. Your point about how being negative is unacceptable is spot on. I’ve suffered through many an uncomfortable silence after responding to “great weather” comments with “yeah but isn’t it scary?” that I’ve stopped, which is surely the wrong course of action.

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      Don’t stop. You are might be the only smart one in the room.:)People such as yourself would say things to me and before I opened my eyes I didn’t understand how important it was. Only after person after person cared to keep talking did I “get it.” You’re one more good thing we’ve got on planet Earth in a sea of possibility!

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