Is telecommuting the ultimate green job?



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    While telecommuting could be considered green in nature, I personally wouldn’t consider it the ultimate green job. But for those that do telecommute, it is a sort of passive green job. Let’s be honest, how many people that do telecommute are conscious of the ecological benefits? I would consider an ultimate green job as an active green job, such as working on a wild life preserve. But, regardless, telecommuting does have its green benefits. If every US worker that had the ability to telecommute did so 1.6 days of the week, 1.35 billion gallons of gasoline would be save a year, which in turn, saves 26 billion pounds of CO2 from being release into the air according to the EPA. There are already 45 million American telecommuters who telecommute at least once a week. While not necessarily the ultimate green job, telecommuting does have its green benefits. In my opinion, the ultimate green job would be have the ability to telecommute to the coral reefs for research.

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