Is Ted Turner an environmentalist?



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    Ted Turner is absolutely an environmentalist.  After he bought two million acres, he registered much of it as conservation land.  He also sponsored movements to restore native bison and prairie dog populations to the American West, and actually wiped out all of the non-native species in the stream on his ranch and then reintroduced a native species of trout.  In 2008, he announced that he would support a U.N. project to create standards for eco-tourism.  He asked Obama to make climate-solutions one of his top goals.

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    Ted Turner has devoted a lot of time and effort to environmental causes. He was the largest private landowner in the United States before 2011. But has always used his space for the benefit of the land. He devotes many of his assets to environmental causes.

    He uses most of his land to ranch and re-popularize bison meat and has gathered the largest heard known in the world. Oh, and did I mention he created Captain Planet and the Planeteers. If that doesn’t make you an environmentalist, I don’t know what does.

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    In addition to the other comments supporting the claim that Mr. Turner is an environmentalist, he also currently philanthropically supports the Nuclear Threat Initiative and the Turner Endangered Species Fund. Sounds pretty environmental to me.

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