Is Ted Kennedy not getting elected a blow to the environmental movement?



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    Although he wasn’t previously known for environmentalism, over the course of his career, Edward Kennedy’s voting record shows that he was a strong proponent of clean air and water, reduction in toxins, energy efficiency funding and alternative fuels. One eco-friendly movement that he was strongly opposed to, however, was the Cape Wind project that would create a field of offshore windmills in New England for clean energy. This is likely because he was an avid sailor, and te Kennedy compound is not far from the proposed site. But as a voter he was valuable, and will be missed. Hopefully, more green politicians will be elected that can carry on his legacy.

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    The environment should not be adversely effected by the lose of the late Ted Kennedy’s seat to the republicans. The democrats have the second largest majority in the Senate’s history (second only to when they had Kennedy’s seat). They are 59-41 on the GOP, and should be able to pass any legislation they want, if they can only get behind a great leader.

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