Is teak tree harmful for environment?



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    I would have to say no. It is actually eco-friendly. Furniture made from teak trees are very durable, weather-resistant and can last a very long time compared to the alternatives. These trees grow very fast and are reforested constantly.


    Reforest Teak is an example of an environmentally friendly company. This brand offers furniture that is made from all natural teak wood that is both grown and harvested through the use of environmentally friendly methods. “Not only are Reforest Teak products made from organic materials and harvested from sustainable plantations, but they also use a portion of their profits to fund ecological reforestation efforts in Central America (where teak wood is grown)”. They also do their best to help reduce deforestation, by going as far as to plant new trees in areas that have been previously decimated by logging.

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    The tree itself is not harmful to the environment, but the Teak Industry as a whole can be detrimental to local nature.  Most Teak comes from Indonesia or Burma, and they burn the non-teak “waste trees” to sprout new growth, the burning might be releasing too much carbon into the air.  Check out the article cited below for more details.

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    This would depend on whether the teak tree was grown in a sustainable manner or in an area where other trees have been planted besides teak trees. Areas where many teak trees of the same age and species have been grown do not replenish the nutrients in the forest’s soil because there is very little undergrowth. Fires in the dry season can burn off any leaf litter or undergrowth and leave the soil prone to erosion from the rains in the rainy season. It appears that the solution is to grow a greater variety of trees in a teak plantation, but more studies need to be done.  

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    NO, here only one example of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

    Between ten and several hundred liters of water a tree transported daily from the roots up to the leaves. Now physicists are reconstructed, the effects come into play, and aim at technical applications.

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