Is tea tree oil poisonous to house cats?



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    Tea tree oil has been found to be the culprit of some cats’ demise when used at high dosages. Tea tree oil contains a natural toxin known as terpenes, and should only be used in small doses for cats, dogs, humans and other animals alike. There is no antidote for tea tree poisoning, hence it is better to use it under the supervision of a veterinarian or not at all.

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    Though it is often used on cats and other animals to promote healthy skin, tea tree oil has been known to be toxic and even fatal, not only to cats, but to people. It is known that tea tree oil should never be ingested by animals, so the likely reason it is harmful to cats is that they lick themselves and accidentally eat the oil. Cats with any other illness or disorder are highly susceptible to its negative effects.

    It is still controversial whether the oil can actually soak into the cat’s skin and harm it, but the bottom line is to talk to a vet before using this or any medicine. Incidentally, cedar oil has also been marketed as a flea treatment, and is just as toxic to cats.

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