Is the Tea party good for the environment?



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    I’m assuming you are talking about the group that is causing political movements, The Tea Party.

    They do not seem to focus on envrionmental issues, but rather political and economical ones such as decreased taxation, reducing government debt, etc.

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    The Tea Party rarely addresses the issue of environmental policy directly, but their primary platform bleeds out into how tea party favorite politicians would address environmental issues.

    It should also be noted that the Tea Party is not a formal political party, and therefore no politicians run for office under their banner, but rather some politicians are favored over others.

    Firstly, Tea Partiers are in favor of relinquishing federal control in favor of states’ individual power. Therefore, a different environmental policy will be developed in each state in accordance with their own needs and resources. This can be an environmental problem, as the environmentalist movement thrives on the idea of increased federal control and authority to dictate the practices of interstate commerce. I personally believe that a sound federal environmental policy would be much more effective, but the Tea Party would assert that only the power of local governments can bring a true balance to environmental issues

    The Tea Party also believes there should be a limit on environmental spending. This is a good thing, as the environmental movement can often loose touch with fiscal responsibility and believe money should be thrown to any number of programs, which spreads the movement way too thin. But this stance can also backfire as “fiscal responsibility in the environmentalist movement” can just as easily come to mean “underfunded environmentalist initiatives.”

    The Tea Party is generally skeptical of climate change proposals, and believe that they are an unnecessary economic strain. This is unfortunate as saying there is no substantial evidence for global warming does not make the wealth of substantial evidence for global warming dissappear. A clear understanding of the changing climate is impertaive for a clear and effective environmental policy, and Tea Partiers seem to lack this.

    No one is ever going to come out and directly say they are anti-environment, and the Tea Party is no different. They believe they have a sound environmental policy, but then again, so does every other political movement. The Tea Party does look like they directly oppose the methods of the environmentalist movement though, and much of their seemingly well-meaning environmental platform appears to be constructed in order to be easy to spin into a means of shutting down the more liberal environmental agenda.


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