Is tea made in America?



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    A lot of the tea you find in America is imported but there is some that is grown here in the United States. The most popular being in South Carolina where “American Classic Tea” is produced.

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    Yes there is tea grown in the United States. Camellia sinensis is a type of tea that can be grown in Hawaii and the eastern seaboard, but the only commercial tea gardens in the US are one in Charleston, South Carolina, and about 40 small growers in Hawaii. The tea in the tea garden in South Carolina has been used under many different brands, most recently American Classic Tea, but is now under the ownership of Bigelow Tea Company. 

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    The tea plant, which is used to make black tea, is native to southeast Asia and requires a tropical or subtropical climate to grow. This is why much of it is imported as mentioned above. However, many herbal teas, including mint and chamomile can be grown in your back yard herb garden quite easily. You can read more about growing herbs for tea here (

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