Is taxidermy expensive?



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    Yes, taxidermy is very expensive. The animal is first skinned. The skin is tanned and then placed on a polyurethane form. Clay is used to install glass eyes.

    There have in recent years been developed cheaper methods to use in lieu of taxidermy. A sustainable approach to taxidermy is the creation of entirely artificial fish mounts from photographs, for fishermen who practise catch and release. This technique, called reproduction taxidermy, which is not really taxidermy at all, is gaining favor with both fishermen and animal-rights organizations. Another method of retaining the memory of an animal without controversial taxidermy is called digital taxidermy. The wildlife prints include an animal, of the same relative size and appearance of one provided in a photograph. Significantly less expensive than traditional taxidermy, it is also an animal- and environment-friendly alternative, particularly for fisherman.

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    Taxidermy can cost anywhere from a hundred and some odd dollars to upwards of more than a few thousand dollars depending on the type of animal and type of mount. Mounts are generally life-size or shoulder mounts. Larger animals like bear and deer tend to be more expensive than smaller animals like birds and fish. Some taxidermists will even get paid by the inch.

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    Depending upon the animal the price can range from a few hundred to a few thousand. Honestly, I feel this is a service that shouldn’t be allowed. I don’t agree with skinning animals for decoration.

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