The Tapeworm Diet

Does anyone know any associates, friends, etc who have tried the diet? I saw it featured on Tyra Banks and thought it was an extreme way to lose weight. I am curious as to whether anyone knows people who have done this successfully and would recommend it. I want to know what would possess someone to resort to such extremity to lose weight.



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    I have not known anybody who has tried this, which I am not particularly sad about. There are a lot of problems with this “diet”, the least of which is that it is now illegal to import or sell tapeworms in the U.S. The tapeworms put our their own proteins in our body, which makes it harder for our bodies to digest food. The other thing that i really dislike with this is that once you lose your weight and get rid of the tapeworm, it is hard to keep the weight off because you are used to eating all you want and losing weight. 

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