Is switching to battery powered cars enough to get rid of a possible fuel shortage?



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    Given that people are consuming increasing amounts of energy for other purposes besides transportation, I think that more measures will be needed to curtail energy use in industrial, residential, and commercial uses. However, electric cars are definitely a good way to take advantage of our current energy infrastructure. Every night during “off-peak” hours, lots of electricity is wasted every single night because most power plants do not shut down. Thus, electric cars can alleviate some of our fuel usage without posing any additional burden on the power grid.

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    Battery powered cars are a good step in the right direction, but only if the energy used to charge the batteries doesn’t come from a coal burning power plant. This would just increase the amount of coal needed to make more energy for the increasing amount of electric cars. If the power comes from more sustainable sources, such as windmills, then I could see this being a great thing for the environment. 

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