Is sustainable design a realistic idea?



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    Absolutely. To go a bit further on this, I don’t think we can afford NOT to implement sustainable design philosophy into most aspects of development. The point of sustainable design is to eliminate negative impact on the environment through skillful and thoughtful design, reduce environmental impact by not using non-renewable resources, and by reconnecting people with the environment. In terms of our everyday lives, this could be something small like household objects, or large, like how cities are planned and buildings are designed. Principals include but are not limited to: recycling, energy efficiency, quality and long term durability, creating a smaller or non existent carbon footprint, and safety. 

    The California Academy of Sciences is a great example of sustainable design in architecture: 

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    There are a number of companies providing and exploring the affordable side of sustainable design.  With the awareness of our carbon footprint, more and more home builders and corporations are seeking out ways to build green.  This is opening up a new market for people to specialize in sustainable construction techniques such as, recycled-Low VOC paint, spray foam insulation,  and previously used materials.  As more people know how to create these buildings, the market place will become more competetive.  A competetive green market place means affordability for green living, and more affordability makes sustainable design that much more realistic.

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