Is sustainability education for your employees a smart business move?



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    Environmental and sustainability education should be a good thing for any employer. A recent study showed that it helped improve management, customer relations, and so on. You can read about it below. 

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    I definitely think that it’s a great idea to teach sustainability in the workplace. You can reduce waste and unnecessary expenses — ex: people bringing water bottles to work and not using up cups/water at work. Another example might be that more people start to bike to work, reducing the need for expensive employee parking spaces.  It’s always good marketing for your employees to know about sustainability and have them be able to share about it with the customer. 

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    I think this is an excellent idea. Your employees have come from different family backgrounds and may be from different geographic regions where their exposure to information on sustainability may be varied. By providing education you will allow everyone to get on the same page and will likely educate many members of the team on at least one aspect. This will allow you the opportunity to point out your recycling program, encourage people to car pool, take public transportation or bike/walk to work. You will be able to entertain ideas from your employees on how to make the company better and what their needs  are to be sustainable in the work place.

    This is an excellent idea and it would be fantastic if every business offered at least a seminar on such!

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