Is the population supposed to keep growing forever or will it top out eventually?



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    Well, all populations are, in theory, subject to carrying capacity. Resources are finite. Our population will keep growing until, for example, there simply isn’t enough food left to support any more people. It’s also possible that our population is growing so fast that it has passed carrying capacity, and there will be a slight delay before we feel the crunch of resources. But no population of any living thing can grow forever — for now, we’re limited to the resources here on earth. Should we colonize other planets, there will still be a finite number of planets to colonize. Always, ultimately, there will be a wall which we cannot pass.

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    While it is true that we have a limited number of resources and space, it is important to take into account the speed at which technology advances. Populations used to be controlled by mass disease whenever too many people were living in one place. People used to die in their forties. There didn’t used to be housing complexes that are 30 stories high and that house hundreds of people within a small space. While there will eventually come a point when nature will start to control the population, I think the point at which we can no longer cheat death with medicine, compacted living spaces, and other technologies, will be a point far after the human race has died out altogether. The sun will explode at some point. Global warming could eventually wipe us out. Or any number of natural cycles our universe/world go through. I think we will be able to cram our growing population onto this planet for as long as we are living.

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