Is the sun getting warmer or cooling off?



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    the sun has actually progressively been getting warmer in the past century or so. Thus, the climate change that has been happening is caused by human activities as well as the rise of heat produced by the sun. In the past 20 years however, sunspots, which is a measure used to indicate the hotness of the sun, have been constant while temperatures continue to rise. This indicates that human behaviors such as cutting down trees and excessive use of fossil fuels have contributed to this temperature change.

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    As seemama50 said, the sun is getting warmer. However, thanks to the gentle laws of physics in our universe, the sun will not explode anytime soon. If you are interested in reading a very entertaining novel about a situation in which the sun could potentially overheat and explode, I recommend “The Gods Themselves” by Isaac Asimov. Asimov wrote non-fiction as well as fiction, so his science fiction stories have a strong basis in science fact.

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