Is the SUN 1/3 Oxygen ?

I was taught, that to have Fire, it takes 3 things. Fuel, Heat, and Oxygen.
I was also taught, that there is No Oxygen in space.
Is Helium 3 (He-3) a good Oxidizer ? Or doesn’t Oxygen play a part, when it comes to the Sun ?
I read today, that they found Oxygen in Space !
Thanks !



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    The sun is primarily composed of Hydrogen (71% of the suns mass) and Helium (27.1%). Oxygen is the third most prevalent part of the suns makeup, but is less than 1% of the mass. Stars form differently than just a simple fire as we find here on earth. When a dense cloud of interstellar matter becomes unstable, it collapses and the composition of that cloud will determine what the star it forms is made out of. Oxygen can exist in space, just not in quantities high enough to promote human existence.  

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