Is the sugar cane industry harmful to rain forests?



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    The Smithsonian Institute of Tropical Research reported that sugar-based ethanol and soy-based agro-diesel causes more damage to the environment than fossil fuels. Also, sugarcane production takes up 5.8 million hectares of the Cerrado (the savannah in Brazil), and is also being depleted at a rapid rate. Sugarcane factories have also been built on conservation areas near natural springs, and in the Pantanal. A 2008 study found that Brazil is responsible for 47.8% of rainforest deforestation in the world, it is largely due to large-scale farming of bio-fuels (including sugarcane). During 2007-2008, the National Supply Company reported an increase of sugarcane production in the Amazon from 17.6 million tons to 19.3 million tons.

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