Is sugar bad for your body?



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    Nope, not in small amounts. Sugars and carbohydrates are what we get a lot of our energy from. The problem starts when we have too much sugar. We can’t break it down to use it for energy fast enough, so it is stored as fat in our bodies. A little bit of sugar is fine.

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    No, sugar is an important part of a balanced diet. When taken in moderation, the only problems that sugar could cause would have to deal with oral problems. Sugar is a source of energy. It is used as an inexpensive means of getting energy when food is scarce. It even has medical uses – it can be used to prevent dehydration in children.

    The problems caused by eating sugar usually arise when they eat refined sugar, because it only contains carbohydrate and not the vitamins and minerals that are essential for a balanced diet.

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    Sugar is fine in small amounts. However, in large amounts it is not healthy. Check out the link for more information.  

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    Try to avoid processed sugars and corn syrups.  They’re difficult for the body to breakdown since they aren’t a natural form.  Agave nectars are incredibly good sweeteners and one of the best for you.

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