Is subway bad for the environment?



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    I worked at a Subway for two years, and let me tell you that they are not doing any favors for the environment.  All of their ingredients are processed and shipped from various parts of the country, nothing is grown locally.  The majority of vegetables are packaged on plastic, and the Subway I worked at would typically go through 6 packages a day per vegetable.  The amount of energy used in a Subway is ridiculous as well.  All the appliances are left on for the duration of the day, because it allows for quick and easy access.  Between keeping the oven toaster, bread oven, and bread hot, and keeping the vegetables, meat, and drinks cold, a Subway is constantly draining power.  I’m not sure if a Subway is any worse for the environment than other fast food restaurants, but it certainly makes is mark.

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      Hi there.
      I’m a student in Belgium & together with some friends I’m doing a research of fastfoodrestaurants in which Subway is included. We’re looking at the environmental aspect of Subway (positives & negatives).
      Now, I just have a few questions.
      We found a lot of information on the sustainable initiatives Subway has introduced, but since you’re saying all lot of them aren’t true, I’d like to know what other things do they do which harm the environment?
      So, are they as “good” as they claim to be?

      I really hope you can help us on this.
      Thank you in advance.

      Bianca – Belgium.

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