Is straw bale building a cheep eco friendly option?



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    Straw bale building is considered eco-friendly because it helps give a purpose to some of the 200 million tons of straw that go to waste every year in the United States. Straw is available in most parts of the country too, so you can spare some GHG production in your construction project through the reduced transportation. Straw bale houses are also eco-friendly due to the energy efficiency of their insulation. The article below claims you can save 75% a year on heating and cooling costs due to this great insulation.

    But, straw bale housing isn’t necessarily cheap. Even though straw itself is cheaper than other materials, constructing a straw bale home is as expensive as other homes. The straw part only accounts for 10-15% of the building costs. Other materials, such as the doors and roofing, will cost the same as for other homes. The savings come from the insulation you achieve.

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