Is straw any different than hay?



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    There are several differences between hay and straw bales.  The main difference is what they are comprises the bales.  Hay bales are mostly made of grass, while straw is mostly made of plant stalks.  The nutrients in hay makes it a good source of food for animals.  Straw doesn’t have these nutrients, but it is perfect as mulch for your yard.  Harvesting, moisture, size, and weight also vary between hay and straw.

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    Hay and straw are indeed different things, but this is determined by the means of harvest and use of a grass crop. Hay bales are made of grasses with their seeds and/or grains attached, while straw bales have their grains and seeds removed during the harvesting process. Because of the nutritional value of the seeds and grains left in hay, hay is a good source of food for animals; straw, lacking these nutritional qualities, is used for mulch, animal bedding and construction purposes. 

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    You could say that all hay becomes straw, but not all straw comes from hay.

    Straw is what’s left of plant stalks after hay or other grassy grains have been threshed and removed for use. So straw not only comes from hay, it also comes from rice, barley, oats, wheat, and many other plants.

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