Is the Story of Stuff a good book?



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    I thought it was pretty interesting, not my favorite, but found it informative and impactful. There is also a short film/video which came out first. I haven’t seen the film but supposedly the book is an extension of that video and gives a lot more information and insight across its 300 or so pages. Although a lot of somewhat depressing information is laid out about the problematic behaviors associated with wanting material things, the book is suprisingly optimistic. It is definitely worth a read.

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    Below I have the link to the video: The Story of Stuff.  I think its a great video!  Watch the video, if you like what you see, then get the book!  If the video bores you, then you probably wouldn’t want to get the book. 

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    I thought the book was really good. It was very informative and told in an interesting, captivating way. Personally, I liked the book better than I liked the video, but I would recommend you read the book first and then watch the video.

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