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Chapter one: the awakening

I woke up on a research table steel restraints on my wrists, ankles, chest ,and head, my eyes we’re starting to refocus I was on some sort of dock, with a handful of scientist poking me with needles I started to struggle the restraints we’re starting to brake but the dock was old it was starting to creek the table was starting to brake but the dock was as well the table was already in the water my last glimpse of life was my best friend and my parents crying the restraints broke but I was too deep underwater when I ran out of air I didn’t drown I could breath I started to swim to the surface but Logan dove of the wrong end of the dock I swam after him but my arms hurt I looked at my forearm there was a fin then my legs then my whole body I was changing! Gills, fins, and hooks, my eyes adapted to the water almost immediately then I swam towards Logan but before I could notice I was already next to him I grabbed his arm and swam strait up I slowed down when I reached the surface once I got to the surface I threw Logan on the more supported side of the docks then I jumped on the docks and I was greeted by a scream Logan puked up some water then his eyes opened and he started to sprint towards the table that had saws and scalpels and he stopped and looked at me one more time and relished it was me after so many reactions I looked at myself in the water
“I’m not human anymore “I said.
“Steve…that can’t be you “said Logan glancing at me in confusion
“It is and I couldn’t be happier!” I exclaimed
“What” asked Logan?
“You’re a monster how could you possibly be happy” I kept my answer to myself but I thought since I was a swimmer in high school and I always hated being human so how can I be sad
“Hey do you know…” I’m trying to breath but I can’t although Logan caught on almost exactly when I started to suffocate then a scientist injected one more needle into me then
“I can breathe again” but I spoke to soon because Logan pushed me in the water
“I said I can breathe again Logan”
“Ooh sorry but you we’re…”Logan stopped
“I know but look to your right… (Sigh) on the floor” I said
“Hey can you give me a hand” said the wounded on scientist but the scientist tried to drag Logan into the water then I jumped out of the water, hooked onto the scientist and pushed myself up but I went higher then I thought grabbed Logan by the collar and threw him on the dock with strange ease, so after taking a deep breath Logan looks at me with scared eyes
“I can breathe…but how much do you weigh” I asked
“I don’t know…228 somewhere around there pounds” said Logan as he shrugged in confusion
“You weighed little when I pulled you up here” I said then it occurred to me
“Check the syringes!” I exclaimed after we found two needles that had the names “Manta Ray” and “Cave Angelfish” on the bottle of the syringe Logan thought about the one that scientist (who never came back up) injected into me I dove down to find the needle but the scientist was caught on some seaweed but there was a oxygen tank on his back I dragged him to the surface
“What did you inject into me” I asked angrily with a full fist
“I injected you with lungfish DNA I can’t let my work die so easily” said the head scientist as he coughed up some blood
“I can modify you but you are still a prototype we have others you’ve been talking to we…” I interrupted the scientist
“Wait I’ve been talking to…I just woke on that table I couldn’t have been talking to anyone!” I exclaimed Logan grabbed my shoulder
“Steve I found some more needles they might be useful” said Logan what do they contain
“Cyanea Octopus and electric eel” said Logan
“Cyanea Octopus and electric eel” said the scientist at the same time
“Wait there’s another one…”said Logan the scientist started to sweat and breath heavily
“Charcaradon?” said Logan in confusion
“It’s the megalodon that’s is Latin name” said the wounded scientist then the other scientist pushed me in the water and ran, I jumped back up only so see the other scientist punch him in the gut then knee his head
“…bravo didn’t know you it in you” said Logan
“I’m Officer Jason Hues…I need…to…take you in …for…questioning” said the Jason
“Hey are you alright?” I asked then the cop pulled a gun on me
“Really… you really gonna try that…you think I wanted them to do this to me well to be honest I’m kinda happy they did but…” I stopped the cop fell to the floor with a bullet hole in his back and a woman no older then 27 with a silenced pistol about 5 yards away from Jason greeted me by name
“Stephen ph…”
“Don’t say my full name!” I interrupted
“Fine but you need to come with me this place will become a gas tank in a couple of minutes if they don’t report anything with 30 minutes they gas the room they normally suspect an escape we need to leave” said the woman
“Fine but I need to doo something before we leave Logan where is those needles” I asked
“They’re right over there ” he pointed to a glass case sitting on a table the woman shot it I broke none of the needles we’re damaged the other scientist was stating to wake up
“Hey…miss can you knock him out” asked Logan
“It’s Miranda sure” replied the women as she pistol whipped the scientist
“(Grunt) that hurts” I said as the final needle is pulled out of my skin
“Alight lets…aarrghh!” I let out a blood curdling scream the dock collapsed I was underwater for ten minutes once I sprang backup a freak
“Wow what happened I feel like crap…did I grow a foot or something…ooh yeah” I said
“Well we are…” the doors slammed and the glass was sealed and armored
“Out of time” finished Logan I’m staggering around almost falling over every time I shake my head and get focused
“Well it’s primitive but I can get is out of here” I started to sprint at the wall once I made contact the wall collapsed I’m holding some of the debris
“Well you coming” Logan ran as fat as he could through the hole
“Hey Miranda!” yelled Logan but the gas got to her
“Aarrghh” I ran in and grabbed her once I came up I saw Logan being dragged away



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    I recommend posting this on a writer’s forum. You would probably receive more feedback and suggestions there. This site is much more geared toward questions about environmental matters than feedback on short stories. If you have questions about fish or science for the sake of making your story seem realistic, ask away! This site would be great for that.

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