Is the story of Johnny Appleseed true?



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    It sure is.  His real name is John Chapman.  He was a vegetarian and tree enthusiast.

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    Apparently, yes.  In the early 1800’s, John Chapman planted over 100,000 square miles of apple orchards in three states–some of which still exist today.  He was very eccentric, and–as most eccentric people tend to be–was likely quite memorable.  Memorable characters have the potential to live on in folklore, as is likely with Johnny “Appleseed” Chapman.

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    Michael Pollen has a really interesting and well researched depection of John Chapman, or Johnny Appleseed in his book The Botany of Desire. He explains that, while Johnny is well-known for all his tree plantings, that people misunderstand his success of growing trees.
    Due to the way apple seeds sprout unique trees from each of their seeds…most of the trees Johnny Appleseed planted were inedible, and therefor used to make Hard Apple cider…. Thus spreading the joy of drinking, rather than the health of eating fruit.

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