Is stone paper really eco friendly?



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    Apparently, it is. Stone paper is made from the waste product in quarries from the building and construction industry. The process in which its made is said to not have that much of an effect on the environment, no harmful chemicals included, and it’s 100% recyclable.

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    That’s a tough question since there is no true definition of “Eco-friendly”.  It would appear, however that stone paper, well some stone papers such as Fiberstone papers are produced using a more environmentaly friendly process than standard pulp based papers (i.e. they use no water, toxic chemical bleaches and use far less energy).  They are recyclable as well. 

    All of that said, keep in mind that all ‘stone papers’ are not created equal.  We’ve found some ‘stone paper’ brands, ‘skins’ and the like to be up to 49% plastic (and only 50% or lower in calcium carbonate content).  We’ve also found some to contain up to 8% cellulose based materials in the print ‘coating’.

    The Fiberstone brand of stone paper appears to be the clear leader in the pack.  Print results have been consistent and testing has shown a true 80/20 blend.

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