Still no luck in finding the answers to my

So far I still have not been able to find the answers to my questions, seems that the hyperlink is not functioning.




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    It looks like you’ve had a couple questions answered.

    You said: “How does or / can Kumbacha tea produce autotrophic or heterotrophic organisms”

    Natvang replied: Kombucha tea is an effervescent beverage that is created by mixing sugared tea with a solid mass of yeast and bacteria.  The bacteria that is use is mostly Acetobacter (acetic acid bacteria) and one or more yeasts.  Acetic acid bacteria are autotrophs, meaning they create their own energy.  This type of bacteria does this by converting ethanol to acetic acid during fermentation. Yeast is a heterotroph, meaning it can not produce it’s own energy, so it must consume other organisms.  In this case, the yeast gets its energy by consuming the sugar in the tea.  It then produces ethanol as a byproduct (fermentation). The ethanol feeds the bacteria.  Through this process, both types of organisms are able to reproduce.
    You asked: “what do Gluconacetobacter xylinus eat”
    Mercurycommunication replied: “It is a bacteria, so it eats autotrophic or heterotrophic organisms.
    I hope this helps!
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