Still amazed that BP had the technology to build the well but said they didn’t have the technology to fix it?



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    As an engineer, I have long held the belief that something should be built in a way that makes it easy to maintain and repair, if needed. Thus, I have constantly been frustrated at automotive engineers 🙂

    Unfortunately, it is not always possible to easily repair that which we have built, especially when it is deployed into a hostile environment. For example, think of Apollo 13. Our engineers could probably have repaired the problem if the oxygen canister had exploded down here. However, fixing it in space was an entirely different problem.

    It might be possible to design a deep sea oil well that is easier to repair, but the cost of implementing that design might make it difficult to impossible to implement. In other words, the cost of designing and building such a well might easily exceed the profits obtained from the oil drilled in such a way.

    The obvious solution is, don’t drill there. In order to make that viable, we need to stop consuming so much oil (i.e. gas, etc.).

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