A sticky yellowish/brown sap is on my weeping cherry tree. The tree is 6 yrs old and we’ve never had issues with it. Pls. advise.



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    A tree can naturally ooze sap when pressure builds up within the tree and forces sap out through an opening. Typically, warmer temperatures can cause this to happen as heat will cause pressure changes within a tree.

    Sap can also flow as a result of damage to the tree. Similar to how humans can get infections, bacterial “infections” can occur when a tree has an open wound from pruning or cracking, and this could cause wilting in the tree. If the sap turns gray when it dries, bacteria might be your problem. It could also be a fungal problem affecting the roots, caused by too much moisture in the soil or on the trunk for a long period of time. Insect borers can also be the culprit, especially with fruit trees. If there is sawdust at the tree’s base, it could very well be insects.

    Hope this helps a little bit!

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