steps to composting

i wanna know the steps for composting



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    Here is a simple guide to basic composting:

    1. Find a place to compost, preferably a large bin with an open bottom (to allow for contact with the earth). However, you can also find an area in your backyard and fence it in. But, make sure you have a lid so you can control the moisture later.

    2. Layer straw, twigs, or dried hay on the bottom. Make sure that the pieces are cut small.

    3. Now, you can add on vegetable waste from your kitchen, grass, weeds, coffee grinds, eggshells, and other biodegradable materials. The trick is to add more carbon (brown) materials than nitrogen (green) materials, preferably keeping these at a 3:1 ratio. Brown compost includes wood, cardboard, sawdust, and dried grass. Some examples of green are fruit peels, seaweed, and coffee grinds. To ward off flies, add a layer of dried leaves or grass after adding kitchen waste.

    4. Make sure to water and aerate your compost. Water it at least once a week, but not excessively. You want to make it slightly moist, not to the point that it’s slimy. Aerate every few days.

    5. Add earthworms to your compost to aid the process.

    In three months to a year, your compost should be complete! Use it when gardening to naturally enrich the soil.

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    A lot of people have very complicated composting processes, I find the following link helpful if you just want to compost in a spare garbage bin.  You basically punch holes in a garbage cans for oxygen exchange, fill it with plant matter, then dry matter (like newspaper or biodegradable cardboard), then add some water for dampness.  Keep the bin outside elevated off the ground.  Mix occassionally and harvest after a month!  See the link for more detailed instructions.

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    This website provides six easy steps to creating a home-made compost bin, that is also very affordable.

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